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SEO Checklist For Beginner Websites - Full Explanation

SEO Checklist For Beginner Websites - Full Explanation


Friends, in today's post, we will learn about the website's (search engine optimization) SEO checklist. If you have a website and have not done your own search engine optimization, then your website is useless. 

No matter how hard you try, your website will never give you a good result. So first we'll talk about what happens to search engine optimization. It is very important to know about the checklist before learning about it.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Adjust your website to all search engines so that your website is easily displayed in search engines. Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo require you to register your website.

Why is search engine optimization ( SEO ) important?

Search engine optimization is very important if you want to make good money from your website and reach as many people as possible. That's why doing SEO of your website improves your website and makes it search-friendly.

When you an article on your site or create a site of your own, unless you index it in Google's search engine, Google will know how to create a site of its own. Having good search engine optimization is very important for the good indexing of your website. 

When you submit your website to Google's search engine, Google bots review your website so that Google recognizes your site. Similarly, if you want the website to show up in other search engines, you have to index your website in every search engine. 

With the help of search engine optimization ( SEO ), you make your website search engine friendly so that your content reaches only those people who need your content. You can use search engine optimization to rank your site in specific countries like the United States, The United Kingdom, etc.

This SEO checklist will tell you about everything if you want to make your website good then this SEO checklist is just for you.

SEO Checklist 

  • Domain Selection
  • Category Of Blog
  • Mobile & AdSense Friendly Theme
  • Keyword Research
  • Write Articles
  • Use Search Engines
  • Create Sitemap
  • Use Table Of Content
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Website Audit

SEO Checklist Details

Domain Selection

Before buying a domain, it is important for you to know what category your website belongs to and which domain will work with it. For example, if your website is related to health or any knowledge, then you should use your .com domain. If your content is related to News, you can use a domain like. NET. 

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Also, if your website has content that you want to read online, you can use the .online domain. I have included the domain option in the SEO checklist because many people make the mistake of buying a domain so their website does not rank well in Google.

Category Of Blog

If you want to create your own blog, you have to select a category. Friends, in today's history, the competition has increased so much that we have to do keyword research. You also need to select the category of your website in which there is very little competition. 

Due to high competition, your website will not rank well in Google. I would always recommend that you build your website on a single topic so that it can rank in Google quickly. 

Mobile & AdSense Friendly Theme

According to Google AdSense, the design of your website should be very simple so that every visitor to your website can easily run the website. Your website template should be clean and simple, its background should be white. 

Use Mobile and AdSense Friendly Templates. Some of the templates that Friends have added to this SEO checklist are categorized by category. Rank in Google by content.

Keyword Research

With so much competition in today's date, we need to do keyword research before writing articles. Keyword research lets us know the monthly search volume of any word. We have to decide which articles to write and which not to write. 

Friends, I would recommend that if your website is new, use your Keyword Golden Ratio. If your site is a bit old then you can use the keyword of high search volume. At startup, pay less attention to your CPC. Why in the beginning you should get your website ranked well in Google first. Then work on high CPC keywords.

Write Articles

You will need to write articles on your website for AdSense approval. These days the competition has increased so it is very important to do keyword research. Be sure to do keyword research before writing articles that will get you real-time traffic.

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You need to write a maximum of twenty-five articles to get AdSense approved. Don't copy anything from any website to write articles. Write your articles by hand. Do not copy any image from anyone's website and put it on your website. 

If you do this, the owner of the rail website will claim to copy you and you may have a problem. Friends SEO Friendly Write Articles Make Good Use Of Keywords Make Good Placements In ArtClasses. This will make your website SEO better.

Use Search Engines

Once your website is up, index it in Google and other search engines. Make your website SEO-friendly so that your site can reach more people so that all search engines can recognize your site and what content is on your website. 

If your site has good SEO then your website will reach everyone in the world. If you are blogging then three search engines are very important for you. Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These search engines are very good for you.

Create Sitemap

After writing articles, make sure to index them every time in Google and other search engines so that Google can recognize your website. Also, create a sitemap of your website and attach it to your website. 

Whenever you write an article on your website, after being indexed in Google, Google bots visit your website and completely index it in Google. A sitemap is very important for a website.

Use Table Of  Content

Make sure to use the table of contents in the articles. This also makes the SEO of the website very good. WordPress has many plugins that allow you to easily add tables of content to your own posts, but you can't find any plugins in Blogger. You can add a table of contents by coding something.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO article writing is done with SEO-friendly titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, external linking, images, and search location. Good Wool Page SEO is a great way to rank websites and articles in Google. On-page SEO ranks your posts and articles in Google quickly.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is done by creating backlinks. The domain and page authority of your website improves as backlinks grow. A backlinks another website to your website, which leads to more traffic to your site. 

The value of your website increases in the eyes of Google and it makes your site rank in Google. Off-page SEO is the lifeblood of your website without which your website can never rank well in Google.

Website Audit

Make sure your website is audited once a month. This will allow you to identify the flaws in your website. At Google, you will find many extensions that allow you to easily audit your website or even audit your website online.

Friends, I hope you will find all answers in this post SEO Checklist Thanks For Your Visit!

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