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How To Start A Blog For Free And Get Paid - Full Guide


Hello, friends if you are looking for how to start a blog for free and get paid when you are in a very good post. In today's post, we will learn how to create a blog for free and how to make money from it. So please read the whole post to know about it. I wrote my last post so you can read it if you want. Read This

What is Blog & Blogger:

Blogger is a free platform from Google that you can use to create your own free blog website and make good money from it every month. How To Start A Blog For Free And Get Paid A blog is like a website, the only difference is that you update the blog every day when the website is updated two or six months later.

I hope you understand the difference between a website and a blog. In today's post, I am going to tell you the whole way of blogging. After reading this post you will also be able to earn money from blogging. Read the full post to know the full details of the blog.

Select Blog Niche:

You can select any topic according to your interest about which you will put articles in your blog. There is a lot of competition on the internet in today's data, so we should select less competitive topics.

As health is a huge topic, it is difficult to rank this topic on the internet these days. So select a topic that you can easily rank in Google, such as finance, diseases, and their solutions, pet protection, money-making tips, etc.

If you want, you can select a single topic and build an entire website on it, which can easily be ranked in Google. How To Start A Blog For Free And Get Paid Before selecting any topic, be sure to check its search to see how many times this topic is searched each month. So that you benefit.

Select Blog Name:

Once you have selected your blog topic, you must select the name of your blog accordingly. If you have a health-related topic, name it accordingly and have a good name that people will remember. Don't keep the name of the blog too long, it makes it difficult to search.

Select Blogging Platform:

I have written an article related to blogging platforms if you want to read it. Nowadays only two platforms are used more WordPress and Blogger.

I would suggest that if you are new to the field of blogging, start with Blogger and when it comes to handling the blogger interface, turn to WordPress. Blogger also offers free hosting, domain, and SSL certificates, while WordPress lets you buy everything yourself.

Blogger also offers Google security for your website, while WordPress lets you protect your own website. Working in Blogger is a bit difficult because you don't get any plugins in it whereas in WordPress you get a lot of plugins that make your work faster.

Buy Top Level Domain:

In WordPress, you have to buy the domain yourself while in Blogger you get everything for free. In Blogger you get the free domain of Blogspot.

But in today's data, a lot of content on the Internet is available on the domain of Blogspot, which is why the website of this domain does not rank quickly. Custom domains such as .com, .net,
.online, etc are required to get Google AdSense approval. You can select the domain according to the content of your website.

Create Your Blog:

After purchasing a domain, you can create your own blog using any platform. If you have a blog, channel, or mobile app for AdSense approval, this post will teach you how to make money from blogs.

When you create your account on Google, you have access to all Google products. All you have to do is sign in to Blogger and select the name and address of your blog, then we can change it to a custom domain.

Logo & Favicon:

To make your website stand out, we need a well-designed logo, as well as a good Favicon, which is the lifeblood of our website on other websites.

I would recommend you to use The Hoth Logo Maker website to create your own website logo. This is a free website from which you can create your own nice logo in just a few minutes.

Use Custom Templates:

The templates that Blogger gives us are not very good nor can we customize them so we need custom templates to make our website better. I would recommend you to use the templates of Gooyaabi Templates or Sora Templates websites which you will get for free.

Use a template for your website that is simple and easy to design which means it will be easy for the reader coming to your site to run your website.

Design Your Blog:

After installing the template in your blog, design it well. Design the layout of the template well so that your website can run smoothly. Keep the design of your website simple so that it is easy for Visitors to run your website.

Create Pages & Setup Maneubar:

After installing the template, the most important task is to set it up by going to the Layout section. According to Google AdSense Requirements, your website must have some important pages, including About, Contacts, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions, without which you will not receive Google AdSense approval.

Many people make the mistake of setting up the menu bar. You should never make this mistake. Your categories are set in the main menu and pages are set in the navigation bar and most people make a mistake in both.

Create Social Linking:

To make your website look good, attach it with social links so that the readers who come to your website know that it is a closed and famous site that is also popular on social media.

Create SEO:

Search engine optimization is a very important part of a website that makes it easy for your website to show up in search engines. If you are a blogger then Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the essential search
engines for you. To set up your blog, go to Blogger's admin panel and do the whole setting well. These Blogger settings are very important.

Feed Burner:

Feedburner email subscription is a good thing you can use so that a visitor to your website can ask you any question by commenting on it.

Write Articles:

Don't write text articles from anywhere or write articles yourself so that you don't have to worry about getting Google AdSense approval.

Nowadays, due to high competition, nothing can be copied from anywhere, so those who want to get approval should write their own articles if they want to get approval from AdSense.

Why does Google always rank good articles? Please write at least 30 SEO-friendly articles to get Adsense approval.

Images & Graphics:

Use free images on your website because using someone's images can cause you to claim copyright and in that case, there may be a problem. I would recommend that you use free images.

Generate Sitemap:

Also, make your sitemap to make your website look good and better on Google. So that Google can recognize your site. You can create sitemaps for free from the internet.

Indexing Site:

Search engines for your website to be more accurate so that your website can appear in more search engines. Use Google Search Console to tell Google about your website.

Apply Google Adsense:

After completing all the above requirements, when your website starts getting a little part of traffic, you can apply for Google AdSense and earn a good amount every month.


In today's post, we have learned How To Start A Blog For Free And Get Paid. I hope you have learned something from this post. If you like the post, please comment.

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